FAQ - Wildfowl Carving Championships
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Wildfowl Carving Championships is a wildfowl carving competition, virtual in nature, and is not related to any other wildfowl carving competitions or organizations. Some have mistaken this venue, for the Ward World Championship of Wildfowl Carving, or for a Wildfowl Carving Magazine event. While Wildfowl Carving Championships is an IWCA Affiliate Member Organization, we are completely different than any other championships.

Judging Procedure

  1. Private Judging will take place using three (3) or more qualified judges on Zoom video conferencing so judges may confer and make decisions live. Once the Private Judging is complete, winners are announced, and the division may be opened to Public Voting.
  2. Judges will view 30-60 second YouTube Video links submitted by the entrant when video is required, to confirm self-righting and flotation of decoys as required.
  3. Only the Private Judges decisions will determine will first, second, and third places in any division.
  4. Private Judging decisions are final.

Public Voting Ashley Gray Memorial People’s Choice

  1. Public Voting will be available for two weeks following the Private Judging.
  2. Public Voting will determine the winner of the “Ashley Gray Memorial – People’s Choice Award” will be available for voting on, after Private judging is completed.
  3. Public Voting will require membership to the website to deter voter fraud.
  4. Public voting allows for only one (1) vote per member. Users creating multiple accounts will be barred permanently.
  5. People’s Choice winners will be posted on the website.

Prizes and Awards

  1. Wildfowl Carving Championships is set up to support the prize money with entry fees which will determine the amount of first, second, and third places of each division, on all levels (Open, Intermediate, Novice), except Junior, where there will be no entry fees.
  2. 75% of the entry fees collected for any division will be paid out to the top three winners in that division, with 1st place receiving 50%, 2nd place receiving 35%, and 3rd place receiving 15%.
  3. The more entries there are in a division, the higher the prize money will be for that division. Current prize monies will be visible at the top of each division page.
  4. The judging will be done by three or more qualified judges. The judges’ decisions will apply to the prize money payouts, and will be final.
  5. Public Voting is for popularity and is separate from Private Judging.
  6. In addition to prize money, digital ribbons will be awarded to the top three winners of each division for all levels, including Junior. Each digital ribbon won by contestants is automatically displayed on the member’s Profile Page under Awards when Private Judging is completed.

Photo/Image Use

  1. Wildfowl Carving Championships will use entry images to promote wildfowl carving in advertising, social media, publications and trade magazine, and more. By entering the championships, you are granting permission to use your entry photos, personal photo, name, and country you reside in, for promotions and publication, to better promote you, your art, wildfowl carving, and Wildfowl Carving Championships.
  2. Your entries include links to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as promotion by email, to promote the wildfowl carvings entered into the championships.

Selling Your Entries
The auction feature will be available to Wildfowl Carving Championships members, and will allow members to sell their entries at auction through our website. Similar to eBay and other auction platforms, timed auctions, reserve auctions, as well as “Buy Now” features will be available after the close of each of the championships. This feature is currently under development.