2021 Decorative Lifesize Wildfowl (Novice) - Wildfowl Carving Championships
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2021 Decorative Lifesize Wildfowl (Novice)

14 Competitor(s)
  • 1st $56.00
  • 2nd $39.20
  • 3rd $16.80
Entry ID #989191

Cooper's Hawk

2020 carving of a male Cooper's Hawk (Accipiter cooperii)—basswood and acrylics. 75% full size; branch is basswood, pedestal is maple and walnut

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Entry ID #784467

Green Jay

2020 male Green Jay (Cyanocorax luxuosus), basswood & acrylics, habitat Texas sage—copper and maple, pedestal Australian mallee and walnut

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Entry ID #998983

Thick-billed raven

2020 full size male Thick billed raven (Corvus crassirostris) native to Horn of Africa, tupelo & acrylics, base is Australian marlee burl & cocobolo

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Entry ID #182639


2020 life-sized carving of Archaeopteryx lithographica, white pine, epoxy clay for feet and claws, acrylics, abstract poplar base

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Entry ID #520707

American Bald Eagle

2021 carving of an American Bald Eagle. Carved from tupelo and painted with acrylics. Base is macacauba and birch.

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Entry ID #674912

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Adult male Red-breasted Nuthatch on white pine bough with Pandora pine moth caterpillar nearby

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Entry ID #826880

Pileated Woodpecker 2020

LIfe sized pileated woodpecker carved from tupelo painted in acrylics 2020.

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Entry ID #920148

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

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Entry ID #928683



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Entry ID #877006

Carolina wren on driftwood

Male Carolina wren on driftwood stump with geometer moth larva

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