2021 Decorative Lifesize Wildfowl (Intermediate) - Wildfowl Carving Championships
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2021 Decorative Lifesize Wildfowl (Intermediate)

5 Competitor(s)
  • 1st $40.00
  • 2nd $28.00
  • 3rd $12.00
Entry ID #763736

Kestrel with female Goldfinch

Birds tupelo in oils; stump carved basswood in acrylics

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Entry ID #167817

Flying Mallard Hen

Jelutong and lime carved 2014, acrylics. mount perspex,resin,stainless steel. Photo by Ray Lockland

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Entry ID #431395

Northern Spring

Arctic Tern Pair. Basswood painted with Acrylics. Base is MDF finished with epoxy and paper.

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Entry ID #678121

Common Redpoll

Acrylic on tupelo and carved lime branch.

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Entry ID #306668

Long-tailed Tit

Acrylic on tupelo and carved lime stump.

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