2021 Decorative Lifesize Wildfowl (Open) - Wildfowl Carving Championships
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2021 Decorative Lifesize Wildfowl (Open)

8 Competitor(s)
  • 1st $96.00
  • 2nd $67.20
  • 3rd $28.80
Entry ID #568520


A male American Kestrel would perch himself upon a Red Spruce and watch my movements. I later learned that they were nesting nearby. The inspiration was born while I was placing the star on the Christmas tree later that year. I rarely saw the female but I in vision the piece as a two-part piece where the pieces could be moved around to obtain different prospective. The male standing guard and the female look up. We need to be a Vedette and watch, protect nature and the environment. Vedette 1. a mounted sentry position beyond an army's outpost to observe the movements of the enemy 2. a leading star of stage, screen or television

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Entry ID #519111

What's Up

Mountain Bluebirds perched on a milkweed during the fall. The birds are made from Tupelo Gum as well as the pods. The stem and leaves are brass.

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Entry ID #657962

A Beautiful Morning

Blackburnian Warbler - Tupelo and Acrylics

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Entry ID #833660

Urban Romance

House Sparrows of Tupelo, fence and habitat, Bronze, Pinted in acrylic.

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Entry ID #162887


Jelutong painted in acrylics First summer female and adult summer female

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Entry ID #253458

European Little owl (Athene no

Jelutong painted in acrylics

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Entry ID #645827

Western Meadowlark

Lifesize male carved in 2020, carved from Tupelo, painted with a combination of acrylic and oil paint. Old fence boards carved from basswood. Wild Pra

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Entry ID #146527

Bay Breasted Warblers

Carved from Tupelo, painted with combination of acrylic and oil paint. Birch branch and leaves made with brass and epoxy mounted on a maple burl.

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